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Frequently Asked Questions

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 9, 2010, 7:32 AM

[Updated February 2012]

Before you ask us a question, this is the best place to check to see if it has already been answered.  If you find that your question is still not answered, feel free to send us a group note.

Why was my submission declined?
○ There are a variety of reasons a submission to our group is declined.  Here is just a small list of the possible reasons:
  • The submission was sent to the incorrect gallery.
  • The submission was against the group's rules.
  • The submission was against dA ToS.
  • The submission simply does not meet the group's standards of quality control.
Do you critique submissions your group declines?
○ Our staff are more than happy to give a critique on a declined submission when requested.  If you wish to have a submission that was declined given a critique, please send a group note or a correspondence comment that is attached to the submission in question.

Why does this group not accept all submissions?
○ The simple answer is that there are so many other general manga and anime groups here on dA that already accept all levels of work that we felt we didn't really need to be another of them.  When this group was founded, it was founded with the idea that there were only either expert groups or all level groups, there was nothing in-between.  ARTISTICANIMANGA has stuck by this idea since its creation.

I feel that this group's staff are not qualified to judge my artwork.
○ If you truly feel this way, the only thing I can suggest is to leave this group.  Anyone who shows their art to the world will always get some sort of response from the audience it receives, good and bad.  Uploading your works to a website of artwork promotion and submitting it to a group which reviews all submissions, it's just inevitable in having the work critiqued and judged.  So, yet again, if you feel this way, then this may not be the group for you.

Why can't I submit to the main galleries (Original Art/Fan Art/etc)?
○ The only galleries that can be submitted to are the sub-folders within the main galleries.  The main galleries are used as a sub-feature area for the sub-galleries.

Why do contest entries go into the favorites area?
○ We did originally have all contest entries go directly to the gallery.  However, some members decided to try and use this as a loop-hole to get works under the group's quality control out to the group's watchers.  It was decided it was better to have all submissions placed into the favorites folder so that any member of any skill level could participate and enforce the gallery's quality control.

Why is this group no longer open membership?
○ Originally ARTISTICANIMANGA had open membership, and in the end we had to decline many submissions simply because they broke our group rules.  It created unnecessary friction between our members and our group staff.  The solution was to find a way to make sure our members actually read the rules.  We used to require a password that had to be found within the rules.  We've now come to a happy middle ground with both aspects of open membership and guiding our members to read our group rules.

What is a Weekly Feature?
○ A Weekly Feature is a bit like a Daily Deviation.  Our group staff vote on suggested features and for an entire week the deviation selected is displayed on the group's main page.  It is also sent out to all our watchers in a journal for even more exposure.

Why does the Weekly Feature need to be already in the group?
○ The reason for this is because we want very special deviations to get very special attention. It also is so much easier to have suggestions sent to us this way, than by having them submit into the featured gallery. If we opened the Featured Gallery to submissions, as we only accept one per week, many will just get declined.

What is the Deviation of the Year?
○ The Deviation of the Year is a special honor given to one of our Weekly Features that is decided entirely by our members.  We place all the Weekly Feature of an entire year into polls for everyone to vote on.

How can I donate something to the group?
○ Donations are awesome! If you would like to donate something to help us out, we would love points so that we can give them out as prizes. We accept donations from journal features, art work, points, to subscriptions to dA. Whatever you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

What is this Second Hope folder?
○ Sometimes we get submissions that show great effort and potential and we just can't totally decline it.  This folder in our favorites is to show that even if a submission is declined, there is always a chance to still be a part of this group.  We use this to help encourage our members to keep on drawing and keep on progressing.

Why am I blocked from this group?
○ There are a variety of reasons a person can be banned/blocked from this group.  Usually if someone is blocked, they are notified and given the reason when the block is put into place.  Here is a list of some of the most common reasons, remember, this list doesn't have all the possibilities.
● Spamming/Flaming/Flooding the group or staff members.
● Rude comments or behavior towards the group or staff.
● Consistently submitting traced/copied works to the group.
● Consistently submitting works that break the group rules.
Can I be un-blocked from the group?
○ Yes, there is a chance that a blocked/banned person may be removed from the blocked list.  This depends on the offense that caused the person to be banned.  However, asking to be unblocked does not guarantee you will be.  If you wish to be removed from the blocked list, please send a personal note to 01309.

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